Movement Arts After School provides an hour of instruction in martial arts performance, which is followed by a healthy snack, and an hour of homework support. The program introduces youth to areas of movement to which they might not otherwise be exposed, helping them develop confidence, and find healthy, creative ways to express themselves. 

Studies show that martial arts, specifically karate, is a form of attention state training that dramatically improves performance in school, work and play. The physical and mental health benefits are significant, particularly when studied for the purpose of performance. Movement Arts After School seeks to channel these benefits to promote wellness equality among under served youth in the St. Paul community. 

The 12-month program begins each September on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:30-5:30 p.m. and includes classic training in traditional forms focused on rhythmic, moving meditation designed for performance with music or drumming. Students learn to choreograph martial arts performance for participation in a Spring exhibition at CoMotion Center for Movement Arts in Saint Paul. School performances are also scheduled. They then perform for the October Diamond Nationals Tournament in Bloomington, Minnesota. They will work both in teams, and individually.

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In the Community for Good.

Improve mental health

Karate employs nature's mechanism of recycling stress because it demands 100% presence – a perfect application of the Zen concept “Be Here, Now!” Rather quickly, the body responds to life in the same way.

Cultivate Self-Discipline

Karate helps instill mental focus through movement, and discipline through tradition.

Embody Respect

Punching, kicking, throwing and locking are all secondary to respect for self, parents, teachers and peers.

Homework Help

Workout, snack, study. The same expectations apply to homework as in karate; discipline, pride, practice. The sooner they finish, the sooner they get to play.

Improved Fitness

Our training curriculum focuses on the needs and abilities of each individual. Strength and fitness is a natural outcome.

Engaged Community

In no time, students will feel part of a team – a community working together, supporting each other.